Enclosed is a list of Nicolette Mallow’s publications. Please bear in mind some of these stories are published in multiple platforms by dual publishers. 

  • “Van Dammes garage punk band release third EP ‘Vild Days’ and embark on European tour”
  • “The magic of Euphoria Music Festival lingers”
  • “West Coast artist Raven Felix will perform at the 2017 Euphoria Music Festival in Texas” 
  • “ill-ēsha: Canadian musician, producer, songwriter and vocalist will perform at 2017 Euphoria Music Festival in ATX” 
  • “Velvet Caravan” – Rank & Revue
  • “Euphoria Music Festival releases line-up for April 2017 featuring nearly 50 artists”  – Rank & Revue
  • “Příliš hlučná samota: Production crew raises funds for film about Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal’s novel Too Loud A Solitude”  
  • “Darren Fung is one of Canada’s most accomplished music composers” – CW3PR
  • “Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library brings the magic of reading to preschool children worldwide” – The High Road on Dawson
  •  “Mark Thomas Studio will transform and beautify with their royal treatment and southern hospitality”
  • “Composer Pieter Schlosser enriches television, film and video games with his musical vocabulary” – CW3PR
  • “Roc Chen: Music Composer and Asian Creative brings cultures together with the magical power of music”– CW3PR
  • “’Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories’: a podcast series launched by Parcast”           –
  • “Aetheria, Death, Beauty and Masquerades: Three exhibits revealed at ART on 5th”    –
  • “Sebastian Evans: Composer of Nickelodeon’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” series” –
  • “Top Drawer opens a second thrift shop in the heart of Austin” –
  • “HBO Films presents “All The Way” red carpet event at LBJ Presidential Library”        –
  • “The Mexic-Arte Museum hosts Taste of Mexico 2016 in honor of Cinco de Mayo”      –
  • “Bodybuilder Lisa Traugott stars in military-inspired show ‘American Grit’ on FOX” –
  • “Psyche Jewelry by designer Nina Berenato launches retail boutique in Austin”           –
  • “Party Down South series finale will air tonight on CMT” –
  • “Crystal Mangano composed the score of documentary film Asperger’s Are Us”              –
  • “Euphoria music and community festival hosts its 5th anniversary in April 2016”         –
  • “SXSW interview with Director of A Song For You: The Austin City Limits Story”                  –
  • “Composer Kerry Muzzey talks about writing the score for ‘The Seer’ at SXSW”            –
  • “VNTANA and DJI create a hologram drone lounge at SXSW 2016” –
  • “Ethan Hawke and crew from “In A Valley of Violence” attend Arts & Cinema Centre” –
  • “SXSW 2016: Frank Frazetta masterpieces exhibited at The Robert Rodriguez Museum” –
  • “Salvador Dalí gallery at ART on 5th reaches its closing week” –
  • “Slings and Arrows: Zodiac Vodka concocts a romantic recipe for cocktail lovers”       –
  • “Stardust art legend David Bowie dies after his 69th birthday” – Rank & Revue
  • “Naomi Whittel: Founder of Reserveage Nutrition has a vision for global wellness”    –
  • “Life coach Lauren Handel Zander speaks of self discovery and the power of truth”    –
  • “Celebrity personal trainer Larysa DiDio talks fitness, healing and Kung Fu”                 –
  • “Bob Roth talks Transcendental Meditation and dharma at Prevention’s R3 Summit” – Global Good News
  • “ Travis Stork gets to the heart of the matter at Prevention’s R3 Summit”                      –
  • “Joan Lunden empowers others by sharing her stories of survival and life purpose”       –
  • “Bob Roth talks Transcendental Meditation and dharma” –
  • “Star Wars exhibit presented at ART on 5th in Texas” –
  • “Prevention Magazine will host its 3rd annual award-winning R3 Summit in Austin” –
  • “The Crusader Bible: A Gothic Masterpiece illuminates The Blanton Museum of Art” –
  • “The Driskill Hotel hosts holiday traditions in Texas for more than a century”               –
  • “Gabriel Garcia Marquez is immortalized by The University of Texas at Austin              –
  • “Elvis Costello’s memoir: Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink” – Rank & Revue
  • “Viva la Vida: Mexic-Arte Museum honors Día de los Muertos festival for 32 years”     –
  • “Crystal Works is still sparkling magic and alchemy in Austin” –
  • “The High Road on Dawson sponsors an event to raise funds for Austin musicians”    –
  • “Lonesome Dove brings the old west to the Warehouse district” –
  • “Natalie Frank: The Brothers Grimm art exhibition on display in Austin”                        –
  • “1.5 million bats are mascots in city of Austin” –
  • “Dreamscape artist beautifies the city of Austin” –
  • “Van Dammes: Flash In The Night” – Rank & Revue

  • “Tears of Diamonds & A Heart of Silver: The Legendary Bill Carter & The Blame”          – Rank & Revue
  • “Party Wizard: Seizing Life One Track At A Time” – Rank & Revue
  • “KITTEN: Taste the Sugar in the Dark” – Rank & Revue

  • “Megafauna: The Perfect Combination of Beauty & Beastly” – Rank & Revue
  • “Affirming the Mirror Reflection” – Vivian’s Muse Photography
  • “Miss V: Fashion Profile” – Vivian’s Muse Photography
  • “Ego: A Two Edged Sword” – Vivian’s Muse Photography
  • “Imprints” – Vivian’s Muse Photography
  • “Leda & The Swan” – Vivian’s Muse Photography
  • “Smoke & Mirrors” – Vivian’s Muse Photography”
  • “The Highball Hosts Some Razzle Dazzle” – EMMIS Communications
  • “How to Survive an Animal Bite” – Outside Magazine
  • “Wine Charms” – Austin Lifestyle Magazine
  • “Inside Document Solutions: Katina Paredes” – The University of Texas at Austin
  • “Inside Document Solutions: Bekki Torres” – The University of Texas at Austin
  • “Inside Document Solutions: Sandy Gonzalez” – The University of Texas at Austin
  • “10 Hotels With An Adventurous Twist” – Wide World Magazine

  • “Jimmy Chin: A Photographer’s Eye View” − Wide World Magazine
  • “Jimmy Chin Honoured at Nat Geo Event” − Wide World Magazine
  • “Extreme Tales: Desert Survival” − Wide World Magazine
  • “European Railway Adventures” − Wide World Magazine
  • “The Illusionist” − Texas Monthly (Vol. 38 Issue No. 2)
  • “Survive an Animal Bite” − Wide World Magazine
  • “Toy Story” – Texas Monthly (Vol. 38 Issue No. 1)
  • “10 Best Global Adventures” – Wide World Magazine
  • “Paper Trail” – Texas Monthly (Vol. 37 Issue 6)
  • “Baby Blues” − Savannah Magazine (Vol. 19 No. 7)
  • “Ocean View” − Savannah Magazine (Vol. 19 No. 7)
  • “The Inside Story” − Savannah Magazine (Vol. 19 No. 7)
  • “Weekend Getaway” − Savannah Magazine (Vol. 19 No. 7)
  • “Walking and Running for A Cure” − Savannah Magazine (Vol. 19 No. 7)

  • “The Doctor Is (Still) In” − Savannah Magazine (Vol. 19 No. 7)
  • “The Silent Painter” − SALiT Magazine (Vol. 2 Issue 1)
  • “Blue” − SALiT Magazine (Vol. 2. Issue 2)
  • “Weems Exhibit Opens at Red” − District (Issue 289)
  • “There’s Thunder in the Distance” – District (Issue 271)
  • “Controlling our Dreams” – District (Issue 271)
  • “Credit Card Fraud Drains Students Accounts” – District (Issue 275)
  • “Cats Migrate North” − District (Issue 275)

  • “Time is of the Essence” – District (Issue 280)
  • “Nation Still At Risk After 25 Years” – District (Issue 283)
  • ”Transitory Medium Creates Fleeting Forms” − District
  • “Dealing with Needling Nurses” − District (Issue 285)

  • “Proactive Artists Brave the Gallery Scene” −District (Issue 219)
  • “The Beauty of Medicine” – Institute for Women In Pain