Examiner.com shut down its website

nicolette mallow, examiner.com

Nicolette Mallow’s Writer’s Bio from Examiner.com.

Examiner.com has closed their media platform after several years. I worked for Examiner as a contract writer from July 2015 to July 2016, and my area of assignment was to cover Arts & Entertainment. Since Examiner.com’s website no longer exists and has faded into the dark abyss of the internet, all of my stories are gone. That is the bad news. However, the good news is that since I own the rights to all my stories and interviews: I will be reposting each story here on my website, one-by-one. Hooray! To begin, I wanted to trail back to the beginning. And this first post is an accumulation of screen shots from the original website of my Writer’s Bio that contained a list of my publications. I will begin reposting the stories from last year to present day, the order in which they were written as posted on Examiner.com.

I will miss writing for Examiner.com and was very saddened that it came to an abrupt end, but I look forward to a new literary adventure and many more wonderful stories.

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